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OED Prior Announcements

  • Posted 20JUN2012  Removal from Register
  • Posted 04APR2012  Lack of Response to Survey 
  • Posted 23DEC2011  Survey of Registered Practitioners in Patent Cases
  • Posted 23NOV2011 Smith-Leahy America Invents Act and Updates to the Registration Examination
  • Posted 23NOV2011 Examination for Registration to Practice in Patent Cases to be Updated to Include Provisions from the America Invents Act and New Ex Parte Board of Appeals Rules
  • Posted 16Feb2011  Reminder:  2011 USPTO Administered Exam click here
  • Posted 16FEB2011 The General Requirements Bulletin (GRB) has been updated click here  
  • Posted 16FEB2011 New forms  - PTO-158T application for Reciprocal Recognition to Practice in Trademark Matters and  PTO-158LS application for Limited Recognition in the USPTO Law School Program for Law Students
  •  Mail to Registered Practitioners Returned to OED Director Undelivered: Click here for more information.
  •  Practitioners Not Required to Pay $118 Annual Practitioner Maintenance Fee for FY 2009:  The USPTO is not requiring practitioners to pay the $118 annual practitioner maintenance fee for FY 2009.  Practitioners who have voluntarily paid this fee have been refunded.  In the coming months, the USPTO will be considering whether to proceed with this fee requirement in FY 2010.  Practitioners will be provided ample notice should the USPTO decide to collect this fee. 
  •  Posted 21JUL2008 Law School Clinical Certification Pilot 


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