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The Results of the August 1998 Registration Examination

The results of the August 1998 Registration Examination were mailed to all candidates on October 26, 1998. If you took the examination and have not received your results, please contact Ms. Patricia Jordan at the Office of Enrollment and Discipline, (703) 306-4097.

Included in the packages sent to candidates who did not pass both parts of the examination was

1. a copy of the individual’s answer sheet for each failed section;
2. a copy of the examination section failed;
3. instructions for requesting a regrade of the examination; and
4. an application package for the April 1999 Registration Examination.

If you did not pass a section of the examination and a copy of your paper, the examination section and/or instructions for requesting a regrade were not included with your notification, please contact Ms. Shirley Brown at (703) 306-4097. Regrades must be requested in writing by December 28, 1998, and must contain the appropriate fee to be considered by the Office.

The overall passing rate for the 1998 examination was 37%. There were 2762 individuals who took the exam.

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