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Commentators on 1996 Changes to Patent Practice and Procedure

Note:  The Adobe PDF link provides page images of the originally submitted paper or fax, if any.


  1. American Bar Association - Committee on Intellectual Property  Adobe PDF
  2. American Intellectual Property Law Association Adobe PDF
  3. Committee on Relations with the PTO   Adobe PDF
  4. Patent Office Professional Association Adobe PDF
  5. Eastman Kodak Corporation  Adobe PDF
  6. Mobile Business Resources Corporation  Adobe PDF
  7. Procter & Gamble Company  Adobe PDF
  8. Texas Instruments Incorporated  Adobe PDF
  9. U.S. Philips Corporation  Adobe PDF
  10. Browdy and Neimark  Adobe PDF
  11. Greenblum and Bernstein, P.L.C.  Adobe PDF
  12. Haverstock, Garrett & Roberts  Adobe PDF
  13. Millen, White, Zelano & Granigan, P.C.  Adobe PDF
  14. Nikaido, Marmelstein, Murray, & Oram LLP  Adobe PDF
  15. Senniger, Powers, Leavitt & Roedel  Adobe PDF
  16. Sughrue, Mion, Zinn, MacPeak & Seas  Adobe PDF
  17. Wigman, Cohen, Leitner & Myers, P.C.  Adobe PDF
  18. Young & Thompson  Adobe PDF
  19. Aehoover  Adobe PDF
  20. Bell, Robert P.  Adobe PDF
  21. Callaghan, Terry S.  Adobe PDF
  22. Castel, Benoit  Adobe PDF
  23. Fisher, Daniel  Adobe PDF
  24. Hall, William D.  Adobe PDF
  25. Hamlet-King, Diana  Adobe PDF
  26. Hansmann, Arthur J.  Adobe PDF
  27. Ingerman, Jeffrey H.  Adobe PDF
  28. Leithd  Adobe PDF
  29. Meyer George  Adobe PDF
  30. Millard, Sidney W.  Adobe PDF
  31. Morgan, Paul  Adobe PDF
  32. Palazzo, Eugene  Adobe PDF
  33. Phillips, Peter (Smith, Noel, I.)  Adobe PDF
  34. Pokotylo, J.  Adobe PDF
  35. Polster, Phillip B.  Adobe PDF
  36. Rhoa, Joseph A.  Adobe PDF
  37. Seibel, Richard D.  Adobe PDF
  38. Smith-Hill, John  Adobe PDF
  39. Soifer, Jonathan P.  Adobe PDF
  40. Winkelman, Michael (Galbraith, Ann K. and Maurer, Charles J.)  Adobe PDF
  41. Hayes, Rebecca A.  Adobe PDF
  42. IPO  Adobe PDF
  43. Bahret, William F.  Adobe PDF


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