Internet Policy Task Force

The USPTO’s Office of Policy and International Affairs and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (“NTIA”) are working together as part of the Department of Commerce’s Internet Policy Task Force to conduct a comprehensive review of the relationship between the availability and protection of online copyrighted works and innovation in the Internet economy.

About the IPTF

The Department of Commerce established the Internet Policy Task Force in 2010 to identify leading public policy and operational issues impacting the U.S. private sector's ability to realize the potential for economic growth and job creation through the Internet. The Task Force is conducting a comprehensive review of the nexus between privacy policy, copyright, global free flow of information, cybersecurity, and innovation in the Internet economy. It leverages expertise across many bureaus, including those responsible for domestic and international information and communications technology policy, international trade, cyber security standards and best practices, intellectual property, business advocacy and export control. 


IPTF Copyright Activities

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