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Complaint: September 2006- Hafer

Complaint Regarding Invention Promoter

Date of Correspondence: March 24, 2006

Name of the Invention Promotion Company: Davison Inventegration

Invention Promoter's Address: RIDC Park, 595 Alpha Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15238-2911

Complainant's Name: Harold J. Hafer

Complainant's Address: 1939 Old Reading Road, Lot 19, Catawissa, PA 17820

Customer's Name: Harold J. Hafer

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What is your Complaint?

Name of mass media invention promoter advertised in: Mail and the Internet

Invention promotion services offered to be performed: To product a working proto type and present it to a manufacture

Explanation of complaint between customer and invention promoter: The invention promoter company Davidson failed to comply with their agreement to make a proto type for my approval. I was contacted by [ ] from Davidson to start his sales pitch about his company and how good they were. I asked when was the proto type going to be finished, Mr. [ ] said while they were working on the proto type, Davidson would work on the packaging. I asked how could you do that before a product is finished and approved? He said the product would be done way before the packaging is done. I was called and said the packaging was done and in the mail to me. I asked what about the proto type, when will that be finished? I was told that Davidson had a company that was interested in my invention and they needed the invention to send to them. Then I was sent a letter that the company was not interested in it. I asked Davidson again, what about my proto type? I was told again they had another company waiting to see my invention and then I was told that Davidson’s licensing department was handling my account, I think I was getting a run around. I was contacted by [ ] from Davidson that she sent my product to another company. I got a letter again not interested. I called Davidson again and was told that the person that was handling my account was no longer with Davidson and [ ] will be in touch with me. I was called by Davidson and told that they were going to send my product to another company, yet again. I was talking to Mr. Cable and said no way you are going to send it to another company without me approving my proto type. Mr. Cable agreed and sent me my proto type finally. Well, I received the proto type that I paid over $13,000 for of my hard earned money, but what did not cost any more that $50.00 to make. I sent the proto type back with a letter of what I thought about the junk they sent me; Davidson got back to me and said they were going to have their engineering department look at it. Well if their engineers would have done their homework instead of sending lots of useless literature and put their time in my invention, they would have sent me a product I would have been proud of. I did check out Davidson and the company seemed all right, but when I was getting the run around I checked them out more thoroughly. They have several complaints against them by other inventors. I was not told about the complaints and also how many inventions their success rating was. I was sent rating forms when I first started with Davidson, I must agree I gave them a good rating. When I got my piece of junk, I asked to send me a rating sheet, you can guess what the score would be this time. I am making copies of this complaint to send to my attorney and to other government agencies.

By the way, Davidson was going to send my invention to a company that I know this company only accepts good working products, not junk. Davidson knows how I know this. I am sorry that I got hooked up with a dishonest and fast talking company that just took our money. I think they should reimburse me all my money before I go further.

Signed:/s/Harold J. Hafer
Date: March 24, 2006

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