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Complaint: March 2010-Berg

Complaint Regarding Invention Promoter


Name of the Invention Promotion Company: Davison Inventegration (formerly Davison Design and Development)

Invention Promoter’s Address: Ride Park 595 Alpha Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15238-2911

Complainant’s Name: Lennart Berg           

Complainant’s Address: 5, Ullangergatan, 8th floor, Stockholm, Vallingby, Sweden SE-162 54

Customer’s Name: Lennart Berg

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What is your Complaint?

Name of mass media invention promoter advertised in: Web-site with address:

Invention promotion service offered to be performed: The company “Davison Inventegration” has offered to market in the USA on license-basis an invention I have made and patented in Sweden and with patent pending in the USA.

Explanation of complaint between customer and invention promoter: The invention is a collapsible, wiggle-free camping table.  A comprehensive contract was signed between Davison and me, drawings and explanations were sent from me to Davison and after I had paid them more than $6,500, they start to fabricate a prototype.  They insisted in making their own prototype, not following my drawings because they wanted to make it “production friendly”.  After about half a year, a drawing arrived showing their “prototype”.  It was all wrong.  It was not wiggle-free nor collapsible (a camping table must be collapsible).  I take the liberty of enclosing their drawing.  They have applied means to adjust the table-top always to be in the horizontal position.  But still, the table can wiggle.  To avoid wiggling, the table-legs must be adjusted in order to make all 4 table-legs reach the ground and that is what my patent solves in a simple and rapid way.  They want me to approve their version, which I will never do, because it does not solve the actual problem.  I have explained by letter, fax, and telephone how a prototype should be made.  They just ignore me and keep the money.  Business is concluded from their side.


Signed: /s/ Lennart Berg                                                                    Date: March 20, 2009

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