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Complaint: March 2010-Barton

Complaint Regarding Invention Promoter


Name of the Invention Promotion Company: Davison Design & Development    

Invention Promoter’s Address: 595 Alpha Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15238

Complainant’s Name: Jeffery Allen Barton

Complainant’s Address: 1906 Wittome Ave., Flint, MI 48504

Customer’s Name: Jeffery Allen Barton


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What is your Complaint?

Name of mass media invention promoter advertised in: over the world wide web/internet

Invention promotion service offered to be performed: Invent prototypes, review market, sell, and license.

Explanation of complaint between customer and invention promoter: I, Jeffery A. Barton, paid Davison & Design & Development to create my invention, cherry flavored filters, but once I paid the plus $8,000 they called all the time.  I was excited!  Next, they stopped calling.  I became scared.  Then I finally got a hold of Jeff Bailly and he said the product was complete.   So, they sent me the picture and a simple design!  And solicited Imperial Tobacco Company for its first review.  They said no!  They started on the next submission, only to ask for $340.00 for each submission to the next company.  I got tired of sending money so I quit and they did also I never received the product, just a picture and bogus contract for over $8,000 paid to those crooks.  I was ripped off.   This started in 2005-2009 I have had no contact from Davison.  P.S. I gave them free money.


Signed: /s/ Jeffery A. Barton

Date: March 3, 2009

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