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Aug Sep 2011: volume two issue four0

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Pasadena City College building with reflecting pool

California Regional Inventors Conf. Registration Is Open
Conference will be held at Pasadena City College August 12-13

The United States Patent and Trademark Office and Invent Now® will hold a west coast regional conference at Pasadena City College on August 12-13.  Senior USPTO officials, successful inventors, including National Inventor Hall of Fame inductee Dr. Gary Michelson, and intellectual property experts will be on hand to provide practical advice and information for novice and seasoned inventors.

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A Message from the Associate Commissioner

If consideration of patent reform legislation were a football game, it would now be first and goal on the one-yard line.  In June, the House joined the Senate in passing a patent reform bill by a wide margin. These bills would bring the greatest changes to this nation’s patent system since 1836. 

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 Richard Maulsby in the NIHF and Museum
Pro Bono Pilot Program in Minn. Helps Independent Inventors Gain Patent Counsel

One comment most often heard from independent inventors is that it costs too much to get a patent and that they can’t afford the cost of getting competent legal service to assist them in the preparation and prosecution of their patent application. 

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 David Kappos and Jim Patterson talk at the launch of the pilot program
spark of genius
Giving through a Trademark

It is commonly believed that necessity is the mother of invention, and yet to the owners of the trademarks on Toms® and Nokero®, necessity means the responsibility to transform a trademark into a vehicle of humanitarian deeds with the capacity to unite society in a global effort to give.

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  A communications satellite
Providing Inventors More Communication and Efficiency

Participate in the Full First Action Interview Pilot Program.
  2011, in print typeface blocks
Where Inventors Meet

The USPTO's Inventor Chat August 18th and more events near you.

Organizations and resources for the independent inventor community.
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Register Now for the California Regional Inventors Conference
Pasadena City College August 12-13
By Cathie Kirik : Office of Innovation Development
A Message from the Associate Commissioner
It's First and Goal on the One Yard Line for Patent Reform
By Richard Maulsby : Associate Commissioner for Innovation Development
Pro Bono Pilot Program in Minn. Helps Indepent Inventors Gain Patent Council
By John Calvert : Office of Innovation Development
spark of genius
Giving Through a Trademark
By María Isabelle Pagán-Altieri : Extern to the Office of Innovation Development
Providing Inventors More Communication and Efficiency
Where Inventors Meet


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