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Startup America: Reducing Barriers Roundtables

The economic security and vitality of the United States has always been deeply rooted in American innovation. Time and time again, the story of our growth has been written by the daring drive of entrepreneurs, willing to roll the dice on a great idea. 

Since the beginning of March, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has had the privilege to hear from such bold thinkers around the country, and learn that vital to 21st century growth is a 21st century infrastructure which readily allows small businesses to protect, promote and preserve their ideas throughout the marketplace. In order to hear ideas directly from entrepreneurs, senior administration officials, including representatives from the USPTO, have travelled to cities throughout the nation, holding “Startup America: Reducing Barriers” roundtable discussions assessing what federal regulations should be changed to create an environment most conducive to small businesses growth and job creation.

The USPTO and other participating federal agencies have had the opportunity to hear engaging ideas ranging from student loan repayment programs for entrepreneurs, to creating stronger tax incentives for companies with responsible energy efficient standards.  No matter what the idea, it is clear that hardworking businesses aren’t expecting overnight solutions, but are instead genuinely seeking ways to make the business environment a little easier for their enterprises to grow, and their economy to flourish. 

Through the course of the eight roundtables held, the USPTO and other administration colleagues, have been motivated by the innovative ideas and proposals heard directly from small business owners. In order to receive more ideas from an even greater number of entrepreneurs, Startup America created a quick and easy-to-use online tool. This tool lets everyone suggest ideas and vote on the proposed solutions that they think are the most important. 

The feedback received from the roundtables and online tool will be taken and presented in a report to the president. The USPTO values the added perspective from Main Street obtained through participating in the Startup America events. Together in the Obama administration, the USPTO and other federal agencies are striving to lead the way in creating 21st century business opportunities for our country. Stay tuned as we continue the conversation with entrepreneurs and hear about how we can help them drive economic growth and create needed jobs.

By Elizabeth Dougherty : Office of Patent Legal Administration