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CommerceConnect Helps Businesses Become More Competitive and Create Jobs

CommerceConnect is a U.S. Department of Commerce initiative launched by Secretary Gary Locke in October 2009 to make businesses more competitive and to create jobs by bringing the department’s more than 70 business-focused technical assistance, grant and information-based programs together under one roof.

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Trademarks Litigation Tactics Study

The USPTO is requesting feedback from trademark owners, practitioners and our independent inventor community regarding experiences with trademark litigation tactics, especially those that may involve an attempt to enforce trademark rights beyond a reasonable interpretation of the scope of the rights granted to trademark owners.

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 The TM symbol with a padlock
spark of genius
The Step 'N Wash

One of Aesop’s fables is about a thirsty crow that dropped pebbles into a water pitcher to raise the water level high enough to get a drink. The moral of this fable is, “necessity is the mother of invention.”

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 Three small children using the Step 'N Wash stool to reach the sink in public restrooms
  A hand holding a compass
Working with a Patent Practitioner

While filing your own patent application as a “pro-se” inventor is acceptable at the USPTO, it is strongly suggested that you use the services of a registered patent attorney or agent.
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Where Inventors Meet

The USPTO online inventors chat February 17, the Women's Entrepreneurship Symposium March 11, and more near you.
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Organizations and resources for the independent inventor community.
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CommerceConnect Helps Businesses Become More Competitve and Create Jobs
By Dennis Alvord : CommerceConnect
Trademarks Litigation Tactics Study
By Toni Hickey : Office of the Under Secretary
spark of genius
The Step 'N Wash
By John Calvert : Inventors Assistance Center
Working with a Patent Practitioner
Where Independent Inventors Meet
Organizations for Inventors


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