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CommerceConnect Helps Businesses Become More Competitive and Create Jobs

CommerceConnect is a U.S. Department of Commerce initiative launched by Secretary Gary Locke in October 2009 to make businesses more competitive and to create jobs by bringing the department’s more than 70 business-focused technical assistance, grant and information-based programs together under one roof. CommerceConnect will support U.S. business innovation and entrepreneurship, enhance economic resiliency, assist job creation and help American firms transform into globally competitive enterprises.

An Economic Development Initiative to Assist U.S. Businesses 

The goal of CommerceConnect is simple–to help emerging entrepreneurs and established companies around the country overcome challenges, exploit opportunities and connect to the right resources to advance their objectives. CommerceConnect supports U.S. businesses by cataloging government and nonprofit enterprise assistance resources, matching them to specific business needs, and streamlining access to the programs and services needed most. 

One-Stop Touch Points for Business Assistance 

The CommerceConnect network includes a national call center, a web portal, a Michigan field office, a Gulf Coast regional partnership, and cross-trained specialists in U.S. Department of Commerce field offices across the country. CommerceConnect helps businesses succeed by:

  1. Assessing company needs
  2. Identifying opportunities for business growth
  3. Introducing firms to federal, state, local and nonprofit business assistance programs
  4. Leveraging established partner relationships
  5. Helping businesses reach their goals

CommerceConnect refers firms to business assistance experts in several, areas including:

  1. Advanced Materials and Standards
  2. Business and Trade Research Data
  3. Business Plan Development
  4. Cost Identification and Control
  5. Export Assistance
  6. Import Assistance
  7. Financing Options
  8. Government Procurement
  9. Intellectual Property Protection
  10. Market Diversification
  11. Research and Innovation Grants
  12. Tax Credits
  13. University Technical Assistance
  14. Worker Training

The CommerceConnect Difference 

CommerceConnect offers a comprehensive portfolio of federal, state, local and nonprofit business assistance resources including more than 70 U.S. Department of Commerce programs – many at no cost to U.S. entrepreneurs and businesses. CommerceConnect is where business, resources, and opportunities connect for industry growth and job creation.  

To learn more about CommerceConnect, call 888-728-4190, visit the website or e-mail CommerceConnect. 

by Dennis Alvord : CommerceConnect Executive Director