National Strategy for Inclusive Innovation

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Innovation fuels the United States’ economic engine. The National Strategy for Inclusive Innovation aims to lift communities, grow the economy, create quality jobs, and address global challenges by increasing participation in STEM and innovation among youth and those from historically underrepresented and underresourced communities. 

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is committed to playing a lead role in igniting creativity and expanding participation in the innovation ecosystem. The National Strategy for Inclusive Innovation written by the USPTO, in conjunction with our work with the Council for Inclusive Innovation, is built upon four cornerstone principles, each of which is critical to maximizing American prosperity:

  • Addressing K-12 educational disparities and the need to inspire youth of all backgrounds to become innovators
  • Focusing on post-secondary educational disparities for students and faculty
  • Promoting inclusiveness in organizations 
  • Increasing, for all Americans, commercialization opportunities for innovations 

Since our nation’s inception, the protection of intellectual property, has been at the forefront of advancements in science and technology. It is vital that all sections of the innovation ecosystem – businesses, nonprofits and schools, and governments – take the tangible steps laid out in this Strategy to diversify and expand their ranks and ensure every American has the skills and experience to fully utilize their entrepreneurial and inventive abilities.