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FAQ g_2009mar09- USPTO

How can I view payment history information or search for payment transactions processed by the USPTO?

The Financial Profile (FP) system provides you with secure, fast, and convenient access to payment history information anytime over the USPTO Web site. The FP system helps with reconciling your payment activities by providing detailed transaction information and reports for all fees paid to the USPTO.

As a FP user, you are able to:
  • Create, activate, and maintain your unique FP account via a self-service registration process;
  • Add multiple payment types used at the USPTO to your FP account (e.g., credit card accounts, USPTO deposit accounts, and USPTO EFT accounts);
  • View/print detailed transaction information (e.g., patent/application number, attorney docket number, payment amount, fee code, and fee code description);
  • View/print/download (PDF and CSV files) monthly statements for each payment type registered; and
  • Search for specific transactions by attorney docket number (i.e., client matter number), application number, transaction type (e.g., sale or refund), and/or payment amount. Note: After adding a USPTO EFT account(s) to your FP, information for both EFT and paper check payments will be available since transactions processed are based on your banking information.

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