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What's New in EFS-Web 1.4 [PDF]

Customer Number & Digital Certificates
A USPTO Customer Number is not required for Unregistered eFilers, but you may use one instead of typing in your correspondence address. Both a Customer Number and a Digital Certificate are required before you can use Registered eFiling. Follow the instructions on this page to obtain and use Customer Numbers and Digital Certificates.

Document Descriptions [Excel, 174KB] (26AUG2009)
The document descriptions spreadsheet contains USPTO-defined descriptions of forms and documents that are received and processed in the USPTO. The spreadsheet provides users the flexibility to sort document descriptions according to preference. You must select from the list of pre-approved document descriptions to describe any files submitted via EFS-Web.

Currently seven PDF fillable forms are available that are designed for use with the EFS-Web system. These forms can be saved with a free Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0.8, 7.0.9, 8.1.1, or 8.1.2 or 9.0 and do not require the use of a full Adobe Professional installation. Other forms that require the use of Adobe Acrobat 6 Professional in order to be saved for online submission can be found on the USPTO Forms page.

JAVA Settings [PDF 750KB]
Setting your web browser to work with session cookies and JAVA applets

Job Options [uspto.joboptions for PDF 4KB]
The uspto.joboptions file contains configuration settings that when selected, will produce a document consistent with the Patent EFS PDF profile. Using these settings will create Adobe PDF documents suitable for submission of patent documents to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

>> Directions for Use of Job Options file [PDF 6MB]

Legal Framework (24SEP2008)
This document explains the legal framework for the treatment of patent applications filed under the EFS-Web.  It describes how an electronic application will be processed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office and clarifies some issues concerning these applications and the regulations of the USPTO.

Overview [PDF 3.6MB]
Overview of EFS-Web

PDF Creation for EFS
Directions for creating PDF files that may be submitted to the USPTO via EFS
also see >> PDF Creation [PDF 768KB]

Download ABXPDF Writer (no configuration required)
ABXPDF Writer can be used to generate the PDF files for the application-body authored by the user.

PDF Fillable Forms [PDF 167KB]

PDF Guidelines [PDF 102KB]

Quick Start Guide for EFS-Web [PDF 981KB]

Additional guides:

Security [PDF 1MB]

EFS-Web Hardware and Software Compatibility [PDF 192KB] (30JUL2009)

>> Download PDF | DOC | Excel Viewers
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