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A Publication Number number includes a four-digit year, followed by a seven-digit sequence code followed by a two-character Kind Code that is assigned by the USPTO. The system displays the publication number with or without the “US” prefix and the Kind Code suffix (e.g., US YYYY-9999999 A9 or 9999-9999999).

The publication’s two-character alphanumeric kind code (that is, kind-of-document code) will be determined by the <application-type> and the <publication-filing-type>. See the table below.

Each application’s <application-type> field value will be either “utility” or “plant.”

Each application’s <publication-filing-type> field value will be one of the eight values shown in the leftmost column of the following table.

Parts of a Publication Number
<publication-filing-type> “utility” Kind Code “plant” Kind Code
new A1 P1
new-utility A1 P1
voluntary A1 P1
original-publication-amended A1 P1
original-publication-redacted A1 P1
republication-amended A2 P4
republication-redacted A2 P4
corrected A9 P9



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