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EFS-Web Benefits

Registered and Unregistered Filers

While EFS-Web gives anyone who accesses the site the ability to submit patent applications and documents, you can get more benefit from the system as a registered filer, including filing follow-on papers and saving the package before submission. Registering is easy and can be done by submitting paper forms to the Patent Electronic Business Center, which will then issue a Digital Certificate that authenticates your identity.


EFS-Web is a secure hosted application, no matter whether you are a registered or an unregistered filer. If you file as an unregistered filer, your documents will be transmitted using Transport Layer Security (TLS) or Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. If you choose to register, in addition to transmission through TLS, access to your non-public filing records is protected through a Public Key Infrastructure system that provides for authentication (proof that you are authorized to access the records) and the issuance of a session cookie that permits you to access all secure portal services that you have the authority to use.

Built-In File Validation

EFS-Web automatically validates files and informs you before submission whether your application meets USPTO standards. If it doesn’t meet standards, you’ll be notified of the problem so you can take corrective action before final submission.

Online Payment of Fees

EFS-Web allows you to pay filing fees in an e-commerce environment, smoothing the process and allowing you to select the payment option that you desire.

 Valid Electronic Receipt

EFS-Web provides an Acknowledgement Receipt that contains critical information, including a time and date stamp, an application number and a confirmation number. This electronic receipt may be printed, and it carries the security and authority of the Post Card receipt commonly provided in paper-filed applications.

Public/Private PAIR Integration

EFS-Web submissions are viewable in Public/Private PAIR just like paper applications. If you are a registered filer, your patent applications and documents are available in Private PAIR in a short time.

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