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December 2008
02Dec2008  - Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) Joins Priority Document Exchange Program
- Preventing Digital Certificates from Expiring
- Did you know? : EFS–Web and Adobe 9.0
Ausgust 2008
29Aug2008  - USPTO Seeks Practitioners To Test OnLine Continuing Education System
- The CEP System
- Pilot Testing of the CEP System
- What is the Expected Timing of the Pilot CEP Course
- Whom Should I Contact if I have Questions or Want to Volunteer
July 2008
31Jul2008  - Successful Inventors-Entrepreneurs to Headline USPTO Independent Inventors Conference
- USPTO to Release New EFS-Web 1.4 Enhancements
- Bookmark This!: e-Commerce e-Alert Archive
17Jul2008  - Summary of Feedback on Public PAIR Data Access
June 2008
26Jun2008  - USPTO to Release Private PAIR and Public PAIR Enhancements
- Indexing Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) Request Documents
- Priority Document Exchange (PDX): Accessing Design Applications
16Jun2008  - Notice of Town Hall Meeting on the Protection of Industrial Designs
05Jun2008  - First Action Interview Pilot
- Managing Digital Certificates
May 2008
15May2008  - EFS-Web Compatibility with Adobe Reader 8.1.2
- Filing a Petition to Make Special Based on Age
- Trilateral Co-operation Exhibit in Hannover
- Public PAIR Data Mining Webcast Posted
- Feedback on Public PAIR Data Mining
- USPTO at PIUG 2008 Annual Conference
- Confirming Payments
April 2008
29Apr2008  - New Financial Profile System Launched
- Public PAIR Data Mining Webcast
- USPTO at PIUG Annual Conference
- Submitting PDFs in EFS-Web
24Apr2008  - Reminder: USPTO to Host Webcast on Public PAIR Data Mining
15Apr2008  - USPTO to Host Webcast on Public PAIR Data Mining
- Paying for a Terminal Disclaimer
- e-Office Action Pilot Registration
March 2008
26Mar2008  - Private PAIR 7.2 Enhancements
- e-Commerce Tip: Submissions Confirmed When Viewable in My Workplace
- e-Office Action & Reminder Postcards
04Mar2008  - Enhancement of Priority Document Exchange (PDX) and USPTO Declaration Form
- Getting Started with EFS-Web CBT Posted
- EFS-Web Training Materials
February 2008
14Feb2008  - USPTO to Release New EFS-Web 1.3 Enhancements
- All Editions of the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure Now Available
- EFS-Web Indexing: Provisional Cover Sheet Document Description
- Tips for Submitting Images in EFS
January 2008
30Jan2008  - USPTO and JPO Launch the Patent Prosecution Highway Program
- Digital Certificate Expiration Information
- Public Key Infrastructure Export Administration Regularities
16Jan2008  - Completing Form PTO/SB/39 for a Successful Electronic Exchange of Priority Documents
- EFS-Web 1.2 Training Updates Posted
- Changing Attached Files in a Saved EFS-Web Submission
11Jan2008  - The USPTO Has Implemented a Verification System in Public PAIR
08Jan2008  - Commissioner Doll Expresses His Gratitude to e-Filers


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