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December 2007
05Dec2007  - PDX Checklist
- EFS-Web 1.2
- Choosing the Correct Document Description
07Dec2007  - Retiring Legacy Private PAIR

November 2007

08Nov2007  - EFS-Web 1.2 Enhancements
- Request for PCTs Containing SL and/or Related Tables Filed in the RO/US via EFS-Web
- e-Office Action Pilot Program Has Expanded Its Services
October 2007
11Oct2007  - USPTO e-COMMERCE e-ALERT Special Edition
09Oct2007  - e-Commerce Outreach Feedback Form Deadline Approaches
- USPTO Builds a Better e-Filing Mousetrap
- Request For Reexamination
- Drawing Document Descriptions
- American Intellectual Property Law Association Annual Meeting
02Oct2007  - Help Improve USPTO's e-Commerce and EFS-Web Communication Efforts
August 2007
28Aug2007  - Private PAIR 7.1 Enhancements
- PCT RO/101 and Fee Sheet Information
- Embedded Fonts
- Maintenance Fee Workflow Reminder
- e-Office Action Pilot
- Upcoming e-Commerce Events
- PDX Tips
20Aug2007  - The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will hold a special webcast on Thursday, August 23, 2007
14Aug2007  - e-Office Action Pilot Program
- New Document Description for a Letter Accompanying an Information Disclosure Statement
- International Application Filing Standards
- Terminal/Statutory Disclaimer Fee Payment
- Upcoming e-Commerce Events
- Indexing Hints
01Aug2007  - JPO Now Joins USPTO and EPO in the PDX Program
- Terminal/Statutory Disclaimer Fee Payment
- Best Practices Forum Results Webinar


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