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New e-Office Action Program Launched

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is pleased to announce the launch of the e-Office Action Program, which provides patent applicants an alternative to receive e-mail notification of new Office communications that are available in Private PAIR, in lieu of receiving paper communications via postal mail. Participation in the e-Office Action Program will continue to be optional.

The e-Office Action program makes it faster and more efficient for participants to directly process and docket Office communications in electronic format. During the e-Office Action Pilot Program, participants stated that e-Office Action not only minimizes the possibility of lost or delayed postal mail, but also allows them to receive Office communications faster than postal mail.

To participate in the e-Office Action program, applicants must log in to Private PAIR. After selecting “View Customer Number Details” applicants can simply change their preference to “Receive Correspondence Notification via e-mail” on the Details for Customer Number screen.

Applicants can opt-in or out of the e-Office Action program at any time. For patent applicants who opt-out or do not choose to participate in the e-Office Action program, paper copies of Office communications will resume or continue to be mailed under current USPTO processing procedures. If e-Office Action participants have not accessed a new Office communication, which requires an applicant response, within seven calendar days after receiving e-mail notification, the USPTO will mail a courtesy postcard as a reminder

Requirements for e-Office Action program participation, training, program updates, and resource information are available at the USPTO’s e-Office Action Web site.


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