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Clarification of USPTO e–Commerce e–Alert dated February 10, 2009

The USPTO has received several inquiries about the e–Alert that was sent out February 10, 2009. Specifically, callers were concerned about the paragraph describing the e–Office Action program and the proposed March 2009 deployment.

e–Office Action has been a pilot program for two years. During that time, pilot participants have provided valuable input to improve the program. In March 2009, the e–Office Action program will no longer be a pilot program, and will be available to all USPTO applicants.

Even after March 2009, participation in the e–Office Action program remains optional, and you will continue to receive your Office Actions in paper unless you choose to participate.

This was not clear in the original e–Alert. Most of the e–Office Action pilot participants have recognized significant benefits in the paperless environment. We certainly hope that all of our applicants choose to participate in e–Office Action, but it is not mandatory. If you are interested in learning more about e–Office Action, please send an e–mail to

We apologize for any confusion that the original e–Alert may have caused.


Don Levin
Program Manager, e–Commerce Division


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