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This e-Alert contains detailed information on the following important subjects regarding USPTO e-Commerce:

•Private PAIR 7.1 Enhancements
• PCT RO/101 and Fee Sheet Information
• Embedded Fonts
• Maintenance Fee Workflow Reminder
• e-Office Action Pilot
• Upcoming e-Commerce Events
• PDX Tips

Private PAIR 7.1 Enhancements

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) continues to update e-Commerce tools based on the feedback received from the intellectual property community. Enhancements to Private PAIR will be introduced on August 31, 2007, with the release of Private PAIR 7.1. These features include new options for downloads and updated search features. For more information on Private PAIR 7.1, please visit:

e-Commerce Updates

PCT RO/101 and Fee Sheet Information

If you are attaching a PCT-SAFE Zip file, you will also need to attach the specification, claims, abstract, drawings, etc., as separate PDF files. These files cannot be added to the Zip file, as EFS-Web will not extract them for processing. The RO/101 and Fee sheet, in the Zip file, are all that EFS-Web extracts for processing.

Embedded Fonts

All characters (glyphs) that make up the text of the document must be embedded. Embedding allows the fonts used in the creation of a document to travel with that document, ensuring that a user sees documents exactly as the designer intended them to be seen. Embedded fonts may be limited to a subset containing the glyphs necessary to render the document. All fonts embedded within the document must be licensed and legally embeddable.

If using Adobe Acrobat 6+, the USPTO.JobOptions file can be used to create Adobe PDF documents suitable for submission to the USPTO, including embedding the fonts. For further information on the USPTO.JobOptions file, please see the Job Options instructions located on the EFS-Web Tools page at:

If you are utilizing other PDF creation tools and experiencing embedded font issues, you can convert the text-based PDF to an image-based PDF by selecting File > Print. Select your PDF creation tool from the Printer name drop down. Then select Advanced and check the box to "Print as Image". Select "Print" and save your PDF.

Maintenance Fee Workflow Reminder

Petition under 1.378(c) Saves Time: Did you know the USPTO's EFS-Web allows for applicants to submit a Petition to Accept Unintentionally Delayed Payment of a Maintenance Fee in an Expired Patent (37 CFR 1.378(c))? This petition can be granted automatically, i.e. the patent will be reinstated immediately, if filed using the Petition under 37 CFR 1.378(c) under "Existing Application/Patent" in EFS-Web.

Currently, this petition can be filed three ways. In paper, which can take weeks to have the petition granted; electronically via EFS-Web as a supplemental paper to an existing application/patent, which, also, can take weeks to have granted; or electronically via EFS-Web as a Petition under 37 CFR 1.378(c), which can be granted immediately and the patent will be reinstated within minutes. For more information, view the Quick Start Guide for Petitions at

e-Office Action Pilot

The USPTO is hosting a pilot program for customers to evaluate and comment on the usability and functionality of the e-Office Action program. As an alternative to receiving new outgoing correspondence related to a patent application in paper via postal mail, this program sends the pilot participant an e-mail notification to directly access outgoing documents in Private PAIR.

The pilot will be entering Phase IV on August 31, 2007, and USPTO will open registration in the pilot to a limited number of new participants at this time.

If you are interested in participating in the e-Office Action pilot, please e-mail the PAIR team with your Customer Numbers at .

Please use the mailbox as your first point of contact for questions or concerns you may have.

Upcoming e-Commerce Events

Learn more about EFS-Web by visiting the e-Commerce booth at the following events:

• September 25-27, 2007
National Manufacturing Week
Exhibiting with the Japan Patent Office and the European Patent Office
Booth #4633
Rosemont, IL

• October 18-20, 2007
American Intellectual Property Law Association Annual Meeting
Washington, DC

Did you know?

Over the last few months, the USPTO has had to deny a significant percentage of the requests coming from the Japan Patent Office and the European Patent Office due to the lack of authorization from the applicant to release a copy of the unpublished US application (e.g., Form SB-39). These Offices have strict deadlines for submission of priority documents, and failure to supply the documents on a timely basis can have unfortunate consequences. To ensure successful transmission of your priority document(s) to an Office of Second Filing, please submit such authorization as early as possible during the prosecution of your US application.



If you have any specific questions about EFS-Web, PAIR, PKI, or any other component of our e-Commerce initiative, please contact the Patent Electronic Business Center (EBC) at 1-866-217-9197 (toll-free) or 1-571-272-4100 or send an e-mail to "”.

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