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A limited number of beta test participants have been selected and trained for the initial release of EFS-Web in order to ensure that the final delivered product will best meet the needs of all USPTO customers. These beta participants have assumed the risk and burden of working with a system that is in its early stages of production-readiness in order to provide the USPTO with valuable feedback on its features and support as well as measurable usage experience in a partially-controlled production environment.

If you are not a beta participant, please do not attempt to file via EFS-Web at this time. You are, however, encouraged to browse the tutorials and to take this opportunity to obtain a customer number and digital certificate so that you can be prepared to use EFS-Web as a Registered eFiler when it is released into full production in March 2006.

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Beta Packet Contents [PDF]

Beta Participant Guidelines [PDF]

Beta Issue Report Form [DOC]

Communications Guide [PDF]

Quick Start Guide [PDF]

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