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Q.How will the PAIR system provide data security?

A. The PAIR system will provide data security in the following manner:

  • The USPTO Web Proxy and Client software, Entrust/DirectTM, provides data encryption/security to reduce the risk of unauthorized disclosure of confidential data.
  • Customers wishing access to PAIR confidential data will be required to submit by U.S. Mail a request for access to this data.
  • USPTO will provide a two (2) part Entrust/DirectTMCertificate via email and a phone call to the customer number requesting such access.
  • Entrust/DirectTMCertificates will be maintained on the PAIR system with customer numbers. Upon the on-line request by the customer for access to the data, the user supplied Entrust/DirectTMCertificate must match the one stored on the PAIR system.
  • After five (5) unsuccessful consecutive tries to access PAIR confidential data, the IP address of the requesting party will be blocked from any further access to the PAIR system. This is to prevent a user tried to access a pending application that does not belong to this user.
  • PTO staff will review daily reports of failed attempts to access data. Investigations of the failed attempt will be conducted, and the customer will be notified that an attempt has been made to access data using their customer number.

Q. How is data protected from disclosure over the Internet?

A. The Entrust/Direct product suite is used to protect data from unauthorized disclosure. For additional information, please link to: