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Correction Request Instructions

This screen allows applicants to enter and submit Correction Requests to data shown on the Publication Review screen to match previously filed application papers. This screen cannot accept special characters, e.g., accents.

The information that can be corrected with this screen includes:

  • typographic corrections in the title to match the title on the specification;
  • typographic corrections in the name of the inventor to match the spelling shown on the executed declaration;
  • additions to the list of inventors if the person to be added to the listing has signed an oath or declaration under 37 CFR 1.63 that is in the application file and was either submitted with the application on filing or in reply to a Notice to File Missing Parts;
  • typographic corrections in the residence of the inventor to match the spelling shown on the executed declaration (e.g., Wilmington, Delaware was recorded as Wilmington, Germany);
  • typographic corrections in the prior U.S. application number to match the number included in the first sentence of the specification or the application data sheet;
  • typographic corrections in the foreign priority application number and filing date to match the foreign priority claim or the application data sheet;
  • typographic corrections in attorney docket number.

In addition, for purposes of patent application publication only, the following changes may be submitted via this screen and must be received earlier than 14 weeks prior to projected publication date:

  • change of assignee information (the assignee(s) of record will not be changed);
  • change to applicant selected figure for publication.

Note: The Correction Request may not be more than 4000 characters long. If your Request is more than 4000 characters, you may submit it in multiple requests.