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Selection of Application Type

Which type of form do you wish to use? Choose one of the two versions and then click on the CONTINUE button at the bottom of the page.
WARNING: If attaching an image file, it must be in the JPG/PDF format (except for a mark image, which may only be JPG). NO OTHER IMAGE FILE TYPES ARE ACCEPTED.
TEAS Plus Form
This form has a lower filing fee of $275 per class of goods and/or services, but has stricter requirements, than the TEAS form. Select this option ONLY if you agree to:
  • file a "complete" application. Almost all fields in this form are mandatory;
  • select the listing of goods and/or services for this application directly from the USPTO's Acceptable Identification of Goods and Services Manual. While certain listings permit "customization," total "free-text" entries for identifications cannot be made; NOTE: You should confirm that your identification(s) appear in the Manual by using the link, above, BEFORE entering the TEAS Plus form. If the term(s) does not appear, you may request that an identification be added by e-mailing; however, you could not file immediately. For more information on this process, click here.
  • pay the fees for all classes at the time of filing;
  • file certain later communications regarding the application, such as a Response to an Office action, through TEAS; and
  • receive all communications concerning the application by e-mail during the pendency of the application.

NOTE: If you use TEAS Plus, you must pay an additional fee of $50 per class if at any time during the examination of the application the USPTO determines that (1) the application did not meet the TEAS Plus requirements as of the filing date; (2) you file a paper form after the initial application when a TEAS form exists for that purpose (e.g., a Response to an Office action); and/or (3) you refuse to receive correspondence from the USPTO by e-mail during the pendency of the application.

Select this option, having a filing fee of $325 per class of goods and/or services, if you cannot satisfy the TEAS Plus requirements, as outlined above.

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