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Illustration showing a home's living room. How many patented items can you find in your living room? Floor Fan: utility Patent No. US 2000386 Teddy Bear: utility Patent No. US 4170086 Sofa: utility Patent No. US 3740774, Sofa bed Laptop: Patent No. US 4839837, Three layered laptop computer Cell Phone: Design Patent No. US D0319441, Portable radiotelephone Remote control: Patent No. US 1154628, Wireless selective system and aparatus Digital Camera: Patent No. US 3719922, digital camera Digital Tablet: Patent No. US 4790028, Method and apparatus for generating variably scaled displays Crayons: Patent No. US 1414570, Crayon Poinsettia: Plant Patent No. US PP019504, Poinsettia plant named 'Ice Punch' Pillow: Patent No. US 3660222, Filling materials of polyester fibers Carpet: Patent No. US 7356453, Computerized pattern texturing
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