InventorsEye | July 2010

InventorsEye | July 2010
Inventors Eye
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Your Trademark is Your Invention's Brand Protection
A Message from the Commissioner for Trademarks

In this issue of Inventors Eye, we are focusing on the importance of trademarks and how federal trademark registration adds value to the products you have invented. Patents, of course, provide protection for the things that you have invented. Trademarks, on the other hand, provide protection for the brand name of the products produced as the result of your invention. More specifically, a trademark is the name, symbol or logo that you have created to let consumers know that the product sold under your trademark comes from you or your company. If your product is a successful one, customers who recognize it by its trademark will want to buy it long after the patent protection has expired.

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The USPTO Ombudsman Program is Here For You

Have you ever needed help from a large organization and not known where to turn for assistance? Have you ever wished there was an easy and dedicated place to seek assistance in dealing with the USPTO?

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Spark of Genius
How KleenSlate Got Started

Julia Rhodes, owner of KleenSlate Concepts, came up with an idea for a new invention in 2001. She did her homework by researching the industry in which her invention would be most useful, and then researched the companies in that market segment before moving forward. Once she decided her idea was a good one, she filed for intellectual property protection.

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Save Money Using TESS

So you've got a great product or service to offer the world and you've come up with a great name to identify or distinguish yourself from your competitors?
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Where Inventors Meet

The USPTO hosts an online chat July 15 and the Houston Inventors Association's tradeshow.
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Organizations and resources for the independent inventor community.
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Your Trademark is Your Brand Protection
By Commissioner for Trademarks Lynne Beresford
Ombudsman Program is Here For You
By Mindy Bickel: Inventors Assistance Program
Spark of Genius
How KleenSlate Got Started

By John Calvert: Inventors Assistance Program
Save Money by Using TESS
Where Independent Inventors Meet
Organizations for Inventors


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