InventorsEye | July 2010

InventorsEye | July 2010
Inventors Eye
July 20100

The USPTO's bimonthly publication for the independent inventor community

Two 19th century pen and ink illustrations of mock inventions meeting. One inventor is sitting on a flying machine in between two cones and the other inventor is sitting on a horse that is equipped with large wheels in front of his hind legs.

Where Independent Inventors Meet

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13th @ 6 p.m.
Grand Rapids Inventors Network Monthly Meeting

Grand Valley State University
Grand Rapids, Mich.

USPTO Online Chat

Information available at July 12th

20th @ 7 p.m.
Keep Moving Forward

Suffolk County Inventors & Entrepreneurs Club
H. Lee Dennison Building 100 Veterans Highway
Hauppauge, NY
631-853-6993 or e-mail

August 2010

11th @ from 5 p.m.
Fourth Annual Houston Inventors Association
and U of H SBDC Inventors Tradeshow

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Spark of Genius
KleenSlate's New Beginning

By John Calvert: Inventors Assistance Program
Save Money by Using TESS
Where Independent Inventors Meet
Organizations for Inventors


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