Inventors Eye | Events and Announcements

Inventors Eye | Events and Announcements
Inventors Eye
Inventors Eye. August 2013, Volume four, issue four. The USPTO's bimonthly publication for the independent inventor community.0

The USPTO's bimonthly publication for the independent inventor community

18th Annual Independent Inventor Conference, October 11-12, 2013.

Events and Announcements

Annual Independent Inventor Conference October 11-12 at the USPTO

The United States Patent and Trademark Office's (USPTO) 18th Independent Inventor Conference will be held October 11-12, 2013. After taking place in other regions of the country for the last few years, the conference comes home to the USPTO headquarters in Alexandria, Va. This two-day event is tailored for prospective or established independent inventors and small business owners. Subject-matter experts from a broad spectrum of government, legal, entrepreneurial, and business development entities will deliver vital information regarding intellectual property and commerce best practices that can help attendees be better positioned for success. A special pre-conference workshop will be held the evening of October 10 to help attendees prepare to get the most out of the conference. For more information, visit the Office of Innovation Development's current events page and keep on the lookout for updates.

Pritzker Named New Secretary of Commerce

Penny Pritzker was sworn in as the newest member of President Obama's Cabinet when she took the oath to become the U.S. Secretary of Commerce. Since taking the office on June 26, 2013, Secretary Pritzker has wasted no time in identifying needs and taking action to help American small businesses and entrepreneurs. The Department of Commerce issues a Week at a Glance email newsletter with information on all the secretary's activities, as well as recent accomplishments and efforts of the various bureaus of the department. Simply send an email to request a subscription to the mailing list.