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Map of the USA showing the locations and schedule for the 2012 Fall Roadshow.

Rules and Roadshows
An Update on the AIA

September 16th marks the one-year anniversary of the signing of the America Invents Act (AIA) into law, so what better way to celebrate than activating several provisions of the landmark patent reform bill?

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USPTO Patents for Humanity Competition

Last February, the United States Patent and Trademark Office launched Patents for Humanity, a pilot program that creates business incentives for patent-holders to use their technology for humanitarian purposes.

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 Patents for Humanity. It's not just an invention. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, an agency of the Department of Commerce.
Bright Young Minds Shine at the USPTO

The United States Patent and Trademark Office hosted youngsters on two separate occasions in June and July to recognize their achievements and encourage them to pursue education and careers in the sciences, respectively.

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 Dean Kamen posing for picture with foreign finalist team Seven World Wonders.
Spark of Genius
Fueling the Inventive Spirit

Many people may recognize Lonnie Johnson as the inventor of the Super Soaker, but he is much more than just squirt guns. The good doctor is currently figuring out ways to reduce humanity's dependence on fossil fuels and particularly the United States' reliance on foreign oil.

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August and September

Texas Regional Independent Inventors Conference to Be Held Sept. 14-15

USPTO Launches First Satellite Office, Announces Locations for Three More

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Books lined up with titles like Misleading, Irrelevant, Unimportant, Unverified. The title Right Information sits in between these books.
Identifying Non-USPTO Solicitations

USPTO advice on unaffiliated companies sending solicitations to patent and trademark owners.
Close up image of calendar
Where Inventors Meet

Independent Inventor Meetings Around the U.S.
People icons standing in circle representing networking and organizations

Organizations and resources for the independent inventor community.
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Rules and Roadshows
An Update on the AIA
By Janet Gongola : Patent Reform Coordinator
USPTO Patents for Humanity Competition
By Alex Camarota : Office of Innovation Development
Bright Young Minds Shine at the USPTO
By Alex Camarota : Office of Innovation Development
spark of genius
Fueling the Inventive Spirit
August and September
Identifying Non-USPTO Solicitations
Where Independent Inventors Meet
Organizations for Inventors


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