InventorsEye | July 2010
Inventors Eye
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The USPTO's bimonthly publication for the independent inventor community

The USPTO gives you useful information and non-legal advice in the areas of patents and trademarsk in Inventors Eye. The patent and rdemark statues and reulations should be consulted before attempting to apply for a patent or register a trademark. These laws and the application preocess can be complicated. If you have intellectual property that could be patented or registered as a trademark, the use of an ttorney or agent who is qualified to represent you in the USPTO is advised.


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Your Trademark is Your Brand Protection
By Commissioner for Trademarks Lynne Beresford
Ombudsman Program is Here For You
By Mindy Bickel: Inventors Assistance Program
Spark of Genius
KleenSlate's New Beginning

By John Calvert: Inventors Assistance Program
Save Money by Using TESS
Where Independent Inventors Meet
Organizations for Inventors


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