Cool IP:
This Day In Intellectual property history


  • 3| Patent No. US 6574628 granted to Robert Kahn in 2003 for a "system for distributed task execution" (cloud computing).
  • 6| Patent No. US 3667456 granted to John Charnley in 1972 for "hip-joint operation" (hip replacement).
  • 6| Trademark Registration No. 0155612 was granted to Bayer Co., Inc. for “BAYER” for “preparations or medicines for pains and aches of nervous or organic origin and for rheumatic, neuralgic, and gouty conditions.”
  • 9| Trademark Registration No. 0199448 was granted to Washburn Crosby Company in 1925 for WHEATIES for "cereal food product."
  • 14| Trademark Registration No. 0031689 was granted to Postum Cereal Company in 1898 for GRAPE-NUTS for "cooked or prepared cereal food for human consumption."
  • 17| Patent No. US 3451010 granted to Theodore Maiman in 1969 for "Laser systems employing a solid laser material".
  • 26| Patent No. US 2752339 granted to Percy Lavon Julian in 1956 for preparation of cortisone.
  • 28| Patent No. US 3821715 granted to Marcian Hoff, Stanley Mazor, and Federico Faggin in 1974 for the first single chip CPU.
  • 29| Patent No. US 3191596 granted to Forrest Bird in 1965 for respirator.


  • 5| Patent No. US 4391797 granted to Robert Langer in 1983 for a controlled drug delivery system.
  • 5| Trademark Registration No. 0229816 was granted to American Thermos Bottle Company in 1927 for THERMOS for "bottles, jars, decanters, carafes, hip flasks, coffeepots, teapots, jugs, lunch kits, lunch boxes, carrying cases for bottles, and double-walled vacuum fillers of glass used in bottles, jars, carafes, jugs, decanters, coffeepots, and tea-pots."
  • 9| Trademark Registration Nos. 0258620 and 0258619 were granted to Church & Dwight Co., Inc. in 1929 for Arm & Hammer and for the design of an arm holding a hammer for "bicarbonate of soda for use as a dentifrice and a bath salt."
  • 10| Patent No. US 3043625 granted to Nils Bohlin in 1962 for the safety belt.
  • 19| Trademark Registration No. 0144708 was granted to Breyer Ice Cream Company in 1921 for the design of a leaf featuring the stylized wording Breyers for "ice-cream."
  • 22| Patent No. US 3965357 granted to Godfrey Hounsfield in 1976 for "apparatus for examining a body by means of penetrating radiation"(CAT scan).
  • 23| Trademark Registration No. 4370869 was granted to Mattel, Inc. in 2013 for a three-dimensional configuration of the goods in the color black that has an overall spherical shape with concentric circles in the middle thereof and within the center of the circle is a triangular shape with different answers to random questions; on the opposite side of the sphere is a white circle with the numeral "8" in black for "equipment sold as a unit for playing a question and answer game." (Magic 8 Ball®)


  • 3| Patent No. US 6770074 granted to Gary Michelson in 2004for an "apparatus for us in inserting spinal implants".
  • 8| Patent No. US 2168768 granted to Philo Farnsworth in 1939 for television.
  • 10| Patent No. US 4343993 granted to Heinrich Rohrer in 1982 for "scanning tunneling microscope"(electronic microscope).
  • 12| Patent No. US 2252554 granted to Wallace Carothers in 1941 for "polymeric material" (Nylon).
  • 13| Patent No. US 3829095 granted to Ralph H. Baer in 1974 for the first video game console.
  • 14| Patent No. US 4164560 granted to Judah Folkman in 1979 for "systems for the controlled release of macromolecules" (antiangiogenic therapy against tumor).
  • 28| Trademark Registration No. 1611140 was granted to Haggerty Enterprises, Inc. in 1990 for the configuration of an ornamental lamp for "ornamental lamps containing liquid globules which circulate when the lamp is in operation." (Lava® lamp)
  • 30| Trademarks Registration No. 1072396 was granted to Walt Disney Productions in 1977 for MAGIC KINGDOM for "educational and entertainment services rendered in a theme park."