Systems updates

We update our IT systems and applications regularly to serve customers better. Here are the recent improvements and new features of the USPTO online systems.

For the latest information on operating status and availability of online systems, please visit the systems status page.

Monday Aug 17, 2015 release notes from August 13, 2015

  • Content management & display enhancements
  • Adjustment of button color/design and button roll-over behavior

Thursday Jul 02, 2015 release notes from July 2, 2015

  • Optional name and e-mail fields added to "Helpful/Not Helpful" feedback form
  • In-text button functionality added

Friday May 01, 2015 release notes from May 1, 2015

  • Segoe font implemented, with a fallback to Helevtica, then Arial
  • Font weights, sizes and colors adjusted for improved readability, based on user testing
  • "Quick Links" button color changed to green to improve readability, based on user testing
  • Green color used as an accent adjusted to match USPTO brand system approved colors
  • Wednesday Feb 04, 2015 release notes from February 4, 2015

    • Improved publishing performance
    • Improved typography of sitemap
    • Addressed inconsistencies reported by users viewing the site in Internet Explorer 8
      • Improved page load performance for IE 8 users
      • Fixed overly large line heights occurring on major landing pages
      • Ensured Quick Links area properly loads in IE 8

    Thursday Jan 29, 2015 release notes from January 29, 2015

    • Increased font size to 13 pixels for text appearing in blocks
    • Improved the spacing and alignment of unordered (bulleted) lists
    • Implemented various improvements to the design and function of the F.A.Q.s

      •  Added a "go" button to perform a search of F.A.Q.s from the F.A.Q. search box
      • Added functionality so that hitting the "enter" key from the F.A.Q. search box will also perform a search
      • Added additional language explaining the ability to filter results
      • Changed auto-display in F.A.Q. search box to show first 10 matches


    • Created and published sitemap