USPTO Systems Status and Availability

Sunday Aug 19, 2018

PALM Maintenance Update

Statement updated at 4 p.m. ET August 19, 2018

Experts in databases, operating systems, and storage from within the USPTO and our external vendors are continuing to work around the clock to restore the PALM database. Although we are working to restore systems as soon as possible—and our teams are always looking for ways to accelerate or compress activity to bring faster results—it is unlikely the restoration will be completed by the time the work week begins tomorrow. Our focus continues to be on complete and accurate restoration of service.

We will continue to receive and accept filings and payments through alternative means during this outage. EFS-Web Contingency is available as an option when the primary portal for EFS-Web is unavailable. Given the availability of the alternative filing methods, the USPTO does not plan to extend deadlines. Questions about paper filing fees have been raised and we are examining our options to see how we can address those concerns. Our Patents employees continue to work. Systems not highlighted below, such as all those associated with Trademarks, continue to function as normal. We remind you that you may be able to access and use some of the highlighted systems below, but please note that the data in those systems is only valid up to Wednesday, August 15 at 12:01 a.m. ET.

Because the PALM database is down, the following systems are currently unavailable:

·         Electronic Filing System (EFS-Web)

·         Electronic Freedom of Information Act (E-FOIA)

·         Electronic Patent Assignment System (ePAS)

·         Employee Locator Search

·         Global Dossier (GD)

·         Office of Enrollment and Discipline Information System (OEDIS)

·         Order Entry Management System (OEMS)

·         One Portal Dossier (OPD)

·         Patent Global Dossier Public Access Dossier (P-GD-PAD)

·         Patent Maintenance Fees Storefront

·         Private Patent Application Information Retrieval (Private PAIR)

·         Public Patent Application Information Retrieval (Public PAIR)

·         Patent Review Process System (PRPS)

·         Patent Trial and Appeal Board End-to-End (PTAB-E2E)

We are aware of how this system outage impacts those who have patent-related business with the USPTO and we know you have questions on a variety of topics. We posted answers to some questions we know you have or that you may be wondering about the PALM database issue.

Further status updates will be issued on this page ( as they become available. At a minimum, you will see updates at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. daily.

Thank you for your patience as we work to restore full service as soon as possible.