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Tuesday Sep 04, 2012

USPTO Publishes Proposed Patent Fee Rules

Message From Janet Gongola, Patent Reform Coordinator:

The USPTO announces that on Thursday, September 6, 2012, it will publish proposed rules setting or adjusting fees for patent related services in the Federal Register.  Today, on Monday, September 4, 2012, these proposed patent fee rules are available in the Federal Register Reading Room and here:

Proposed Rules Setting and Adjust Patent Fees

In proposing patent fees through this rulemaking, the agency is exercising its fee setting authority established under Section 10 of the AIA.  Section 10 granted the Office fee setting authority so that the agency may set or adjust patent fees to reflect the costs of the patent related services it provides, while ensuring that the Office has the financial resources needed to reduce the backlog of patent applications, reduce patent pendency, and perform its core missions efficiently.  Section 10 requires the proposed patent fee schedule to generate sufficient revenue to recover the aggregate cost to operate the agency.  In exercising its fee setting authority, the agency also proposes to expand the existing 50% fee discount for small entities and provide a new 75% fee discount for micro entities.

Publication of the proposed patent fees in the Federal Register opens a 60-day comment period.  During this time, the agency welcomes your feedback.  Additionally, the USPTO will discuss and answer questions about its proposed patent fees at eight, upcoming cross-country roadshows set as follows: 9/10, Minneapolis; 9/12, USPTO headquarters in Alexandria; 9/14 in L.A.; 9/17 in Denver; 9/20 in Detroit; 9/24 in Atlanta; 9/26 in Houston; 9/28 in New York City.  The first three roadshows will be webcast.  More information about the roadshows is available here:

AIA Roadshow

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