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Friday Jun 29, 2012

New Search Feature Added to Micro-Site to Locate Information Faster and Easier

From Camilo Reyes, Aia Micro-Site Designer:

I am excited to share a new feature that I think you will find helpful in navigating the AIA micro-site.  As of June 28, 2012, the micro-site now includes a search box on every page in the left hand navigation tool bar that can be used to search for a particular topic within the micro-site.  The search feature looks like this:

AIA search box

For example, if you would like to identify all places and documents within the micro-site where inter partes review is mentioned, you can type the words "inter partes review" into the search box.  You will receive a search report with links to every occurrence of these words within the micro-site. You can then click on each link for information about inter partes review.

With an average of 1,000 users accessing the micro-site per day, I hope this new feature streamlines and simplifies how you locate information on the micro-site.  If there are additional features you think would be useful, please let me know by emailing:

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