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Sunday Sep 16, 2012

Happy Anniversary to the AIA

From Janet Gongola, Patent Reform Coordinator:

Happy Anniversary to the America Invents Act!!!  One year ago, on September 16, 2011, President Obama signed the AIA into law to bring the patent system into the 21st century.  Seven provisions of the AIA go into effect at the one-year anniversary:

  • Inventor's oath or declaration;
  • Preissuance submissions;
  • Supplemental examination;
  • Citation of patent owner claim scope statements;
  • Post grant review;
  • Inter partes review; and
  • Covered business method review

The USPTO busily has implemented these provisions through a series of final rules, which the agency has released to the public over the past couple months. An explanation of the provisions and the final rules themselves are available here on the micro-site:

Also, to help stakeholders learn about the provisions and USPTO implementing final rules taking effect on September 16, 2012, the agency is conducting roadshows across the country.  Thus far, the agency has visited Minneapolis and Los Angeles along with its headquarters in Alexandria, Va.  It will make stops throughout the remainder of September in Denver, Detroit, Atlanta, Houston, and New York City.  The roadshows are free and open to the public.  The agenda, specific venue locations, presentation materials, videos, and highlights of each roadshow stop are available on the micro-site:

Roadshow Page

Lastly, the USPTO has established two special ways for the public to engage with the agency for questions and clarifcations about the AIA: (i) an AIA help telephone line; and (ii) an AIA help email.   Please use either one to get your AIA questions answered.

USPTO responses are provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as providing legal advice or legal opinions.

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