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DOC52PAPT1000022 - SDI-NG Services (small business set-aside)


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SDI-NG Award Notice Posted 1/31/12

Amendment 2 of the RFP was issued on July 13, 2010 to revise sections B 1-6 2, C 12 5, G 6, L 6 3, L 9, L 9 2 2 1 #2, L 9 2 2 2 #s 1-4, and L-16.   Also posted along with the amendment were questions
and answers, the Automated Information Systems (AIS) Mapping document and  a corrected Attachment J-14.  Additionally, the primary point of contact for this solicitation has changed from Marva Brown to Connie Lum.


The USPTO has a continuing requirement for Software Development, Integration, Configuration Management Support, Software Maintenance, Transition and Program Management Support. This is a follow-on acquisition to the current Systems Development and Integration Contracts DOC50PAPT0501004 and DOC50PAPT0501005, with Raytheon and Computer Sciences Corporation, respectively. 

The NAICS code is “541512 – Computer Systems Design Services.”

Note: The USPTO expects to award multiple performance-based service contracts as a result of this acquisition. The USPTO has recently revised its procurement strategy for SDI-NG services. In addition to USPTO solicitation no. DOC521000015 which is a full and open competition for SDI-NG services, the USPTO is issuing this solicitation (DOC52PAPT1000022) as a 100% small business set-aside. The base period of performance is anticipated for one year with four (4) one-year options for renewal. It is anticipated that the contract type will be labor hour or firm fixed price with task ordering provisions. Vendors are advised to visit the SDI-NG project page to view questions and answers previously submitted regarding solicitation no. DOC52PAPT1000015.

>Proposals are due no later than 10:30 A.M. July 23, 2010 [updated via Amendment 1 on 07jul2010]



  1. Attachment 1 - Monthly Status Report (Contract Deliverable No. FN01) [.doc]
  2. Attachment 2 - reserved
  3. Attachment 3 - Resource Estimate (Contract Deliverable No. FN07) [.doc]
  4. Attachment 4 - Letter of Completion (Contract Deliverable No. GD16) [.doc]
  5. Attachment 5 - Problem Notification Letter (Contract Deliverable No. PN01) [.doc]
  6. Attachment 6 - Minutes of Meetings (Contract Deliverable No. GD17) [.doc]
  7. Attachment 7 - Task Management Plan (Contract Deliverable No. TM02) [.doc]
  8. Attachment 8 - Receipt for Documentation [.doc]
  9. Attachment 9 - reserved
  10. Attachment 10 - Weekly Funding Analysis Report [.doc]
  11. Attachment 11 - Invoices [.xls]
  12. Attachment 12 - Earned Value Management Format Template [.xls]
  13. Attachment 13 - Labor Categories Format for Pricing Proposals [.xls]
  14. Attachment 14 - Pricing Template [.xls] Updated 2010jul13
  15. Attachment 15 - Past Performance Contract Termination Form and Instructions [.doc]
  16. Attachment 16 - Past Performance Reference Worksheet and Instructions [.doc]

The point of contact for this solicitation is:

Connie Lum, Contracting Officer
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
600 Dulany Street, Madison Building, East
Alexandria, VA 22314
Ph: 571-272-4167
Fax: 571-273-4167


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