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Glossary of Acronyms and Abbreviation List

ABC — Activity Based Cost

ACR — Accelerated Case Resolution

AIA — America Invents Act

AIPA — American Inventors Protection Act

APO— Army Post Office

BPAI — Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences

CAO— Chief Administrative Officer

CBT— Computer-Based Training

CFO — Chief Financial Officer

CFR — Code of Federal Regulations

CFS — Consolidated Financial System

COOP — Continuity of Operations Plan

COPA — Clearing the Oldest Patent Applications (Initiative)

COTS — Commercial-off-the-shelf (software)

CSRS — Civil Service Retirement System

DOC — Department of Commerce

DOL — Department of Labor

EFT — Electronic Funds Transfer

EPO — European Patent Office

EVS — Employee Viewpoint Survey

FECA — Federal Employees’ Compensation Act

FEGLI — Federal Employees Group Life Insurance

FEHB — Federal Employees Health Benefit Program

FERS — Federal Employees Retirement System

FFMIA — Federal Financial Management Improvement Act

FICA — Federal Insurance Contributions Act

FIFO — First-In, First-Out

FISMA — Federal Information Security Management Act

FLASH — First Look Application Sharing

FMFIA — Federal Managers’ Financial Integrity Act

FMS — Financial Management Services

FPNG — Fee Processing Next Generation

FY — Fiscal Year

GAAP — Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

GAO — Government Accountability Office

GIPA — Global Intellectual Property Academy

GOTS — Government-off-the-shelf

GPO — U.S. Government Printing Office

GSA — U.S. General Services Administration

ID — Identifications of Goods and Services

IDP — Individual Development Plan

IG — Inspector General

IIPI — International Intellectual Property Institute

IP — Intellectual Property

IPEC — Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator

IPIA — Improper Payments Information Act

IPR — Intellectual Property Rights

ISO — International Organization for Standardization

IT — Information Technology

ITA — Internal Trade Administration

ITU — Intent-To-Use/Division Unit

JPO — Japanese Patent Office

MBDA — Minority Business Development Agency

MOU — Memoranda of Understanding

MPEP — Manual of Patent

MTS — Metric Tracking System

N/A — Not Available

NASA — National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NIST — National Institute of Standards and Technology

NOAA — National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NPL — Non-Patent Literature

NTEU — National Treasury Employees Union

NTIA — National Telecommunications and Information Administration

OBRA — Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act

OCAO — Office of the Chief Administration Officer

OCFO — Office of Chief Financial Officer

OCIO — Office of Chief Information Officer

OEEOD — Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity

OGC — Office of General Counsel

OHR — Office of Human Resources

OID — Office of Innovation Development

OIG — Office of the Inspector General

OMB — Office of Management and Budget

OPM — Office of Personnel Management

OPQA — Office of Patent Quality Assurance

OPT — Office of Patent Training

PAP — Performance Appraisal Plan

PCT — Patent Cooperation Treaty

PE2E — Patent End-to-End

PETTP — Patent Examiner Technical Training Program

POA&M — Plan of Actions and Milestones

PPAC — Patent Public Advisory Committee

PPH — Patent Prosecution Highway

Pub. L. No. — Public Law

RAM — Revenue Accounting and Management System

Rospatent — Russian Federal Service for IP, Patents and Trademark

SHCP — Strategic Human Capital Plan

SES — Senior Executive Service

SFFAS — Statements of Federal Financial Accounting Standards

SHARE — Strategic Handling of Applications for Rapid Examination

SJ — Summary Judgement

SL — Straight-Line

TEAS — Trademark Electronic Application System

TC — Technology Center

TDR — Trademark Data Retrieval

TEAPP — Telework Enhancement Act Pilot Program

TMEP —Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure

TRIPS — Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights

TTAB — Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

UL — Universal Laptop

UPRD — Utility, Plant, Reissue, Design

UPOV — (International) Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants

U.S. — United States

U.S.C. — United States Code

USG — United States Government

USPTO — United States Patent and Trademark Office

USTR — United States Trade Representative

WHO — World Health Organization

WIPO — World Intellectual Property Organization

WTO — World Trade Organization

United States Patent and Trademark Office
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