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Inspector General's Top Management Challenges Facing the USPTO

Image showing the cover of the Office of Inspector General's report on the Top Management Challenges Facing the Department of Commerce including the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.Each year, the Inspector General provides the management challenges for the DOC in accordance with the provisions of the Reports Consolidation Act of 2000 (Pub. L. No. 106-531). The IG’s statement of management challenges can be found here.

The USPTO is responsible for resolving several elements within the first Department-wide management challenge – Effectively Promote Exports, Stimulate Economic Growth, and Create Jobs. Reducing the patent application backlog, improving processing times, and effectively implementing patent reform will help to support the Departments’ overarching goals of advancing economic growth and promoting trade and job creation. Long waits for application decisions could negatively impact innovation, economic development, and job growth. An additional USPTO element is related to improving regulatory reviews to protect and promote public interests – the USPTO is responsible for incorporating cost-benefit analyses as a part of our patent and trademark regulatory process.

The USPTO has begun taking action towards implementing initiatives to improve administrative and acquisition operational efficiencies, actions taken in line with the second Department-wide challenge to reduce costs and improve operations to optimize resources for a decade of constrained budgets.

The USPTO is also responsible for strengthening and enhancing information technology security on its infrastructure in support of resolving the third Department-wide management challenge.

In addition, improvements have been identified for long-term technical and acquisition planning of the PE2E project. PE2E is the largest, most complex multi-year IT investment USPTO has undertaken in several years. These improvements will help support the delivery of cost savings and efficiencies on major IT investments, a component of the overall Department-wide management challenge of managing acquisition and contract operations more effectively to obtain quality goods and services in a manner most beneficial to taxpayers.

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