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Table of Contents of USPTO FY 2007 Performance and Accountability Report

 Table of Contents |  Management |  Financial |  Auditor |  IG |  Other


 1.  Summary of Financial and Performance Highlights

 2.  Message from the Director

          2.1  Fiscal Year 2006 Performance and Accountability Report Award

 3.  Management's Discussion and Analysis

          3.1  Mission and Organization of the USPTO

          3.2  Performance Goals and Results

                  3.2.1  USPTO Strategic Plan

                  3.2.2  Strategic Goal 1: Optimize Patent Quality and Timeliness

                  3.2.3  Strategic Goal 2: Optimize Trademark Quality and Timeliness

                  3.2.4  Strategic Goal 3: Improve Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement Domestically and Abroad

                  3.2.5  Management Goal: Achieve Organizational Excellence

          3.3  Management Challenges

          3.4  What's Ahead?

          3.5  Accompanying Information on USPTO Performance

                  3.5.1  The President's Management Agenda

                  3.5.2  Performance Audits and Evaluations

          3.6  Management Assurances and Compliance with Laws and Regulations

          3.7  Financial Highlights

                  3.7.1  Budgetary Resources and Requirements

                  3.7.2  Results of Operations

                  3.7.3  Financial Statements

                  3.7.4  Statement of Budgetary Resources

                  3.7.5  Statement of Net Cost

                  3.7.6  Earned Revenue

                  3.7.7  Program Costs

                  3.7.8  Balance Sheet and Statement of Changes in Net Position

                  3.7.9  Limitation on Financial Statements

                  3.7.10  Management Responsibilities

 4.  Financial Section

          4.1  Message from the Chief Financial Officer

          4.2  Principal Financial Statements and Related Notes

                  4.2.1  Consolidated Balance Sheets

                  4.2.2  Consolidated Statements of Net Cost

                  4.2.3  Consolidated Statements of Changes in Net Position

                  4.2.4  Combined Statements of Budgetary Resources

                  4.2.5  Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows (Indirect Method)

                  4.2.6  Note 1. Summary of Significant Accounting Policies

                  4.2.7  Note 2. Fund Balance with Treasury

                  4.2.8  Note 3. Non-Entity Assets

                  4.2.9  Note 4. Property, Plant, and Equipment, Net

                  4.2.10  Note 5. Liabilities

                  4.2.11  Note 6. Deferred Revenue

                  4.2.12  Note 7. Actuarial Liability

                  4.2.13  Note 8. Leases

                  4.2.14  Note 9. Post-Employment Benefits

                  4.2.15  Note 10. Earmarked Funds 

                  4.2.16  Note 11. Intragovernmental Costs and Exchange Revenue

                  4.2.17  Note 12. Program Costs

                  4.2.18  Note 13. Program Costs by Category and Responsibility Segment

                  4.2.19  Note 14. Commitments and Contingencies

                  4.2.20  Note 15. Reconciliation of Net Cost of Operations to Budget

          4.3  Independent Auditors' Report

                  4.3.1  Report of Independent Auditors - Cover Letter

                  4.3.2  Report of Independent Auditors

5.   Other Accompanying Information

          5.1  Management and Performance Challenges Identified by the Inspector General

          5.2  The Nature of the Training Provided to USPTO Examiners

          5.3  Fiscal Year 2007 USPTO Workload Tables

          5.4  Glossary of Acronyms and Abbreviation List

          5.5  Acknowledgments



The USPTO Performance and Accountability Report for FY 2007 provides a comprehensive summary of program and financial results and is structured to help the President, the Congress, and the American public assess our performance relative to our mission and accountability for our financial resources.


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