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Table 27: Scientific and Technical Information Center Activity


(FY 2006)
Prior Art Search Services Provided:  
Automated Prior Art Searches Completed     34,467
On-line and Manual Foreign Patent Searches Completed      4,293
Genetic Sequence Searches Completed     12,688
Number of Genetic Sequences Searched     36,823
CRF Submissions Processed     15,924
PLUS Searches Completed     36,624
Document Delivery Services Provided:  
Document Delivery/Interlibrary Loan Requests Processed     46,246
Copies of Foreign Patents Provided:     10,847
Copies Purchased by the Public        266
Copies Provided to USPTO Staff     10,581
Foreign Patents Provided Using Electronic Tools      8,872
Information Assistance and Automation Services:  
One-on-One Examiner Information Assistance     20,839
One-on-One Examiner Automation Assistance     10,514
Patents Employees Attending Automation Classes     17,140
Foreign Patents Assistance for Examiners and Public      1,547
Examiner Briefings on STIC Information Sources and Services      5,819
Translation Services Provided for Examiners:  
Written Translations of Documents      7,211
Number of Words Translated (Written) 21,305,642
Documents Orally Translated      3,014
Total Number of Examiner Service Contacts    274,688
Collection Usage and Growth:  
Print/Electronic (NPL) Collection Usage  1,156,860
Print Books/Subscriptions Purchased     71,929
Full Text Electronic Journal Titles Available     14,100
Full Text Electronic Book Titles Available     23,350
NPL Databases Available for Searching (est.)      1,537

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