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Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

T he The TTAB met its pendency goal in fiscal year 2004. The goal was to issue final decisions and decisions on trial motions, on average, within ten weeks of the time they were fully submitted for decision. At the end of fiscal year 2004, the TTAB was issuing decisions, on average, in 9.97 weeks.

In fiscal year 2004, the TTAB completed deployment of its suite of electronic filing forms. Now, any filing with TTAB can be made electronically. By the end of fiscal year 2004, 63 percent of extensions of time to oppose were being received and processed electronically, as were 33 percent of notices of opposition and 26 percent of petitions to cancel. Finally, the TTAB deployed its TTABVue system to the Internet in early fiscal year 2004. TTABVue allows public access to the image records and prosecution history data for filings in proceedings filed since January 2003, and a significant percentage of those filed after June 2001.

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