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FY 2001 USPTO Annual Report 2001



1. Message from the Acting Director

2. Message from the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer

3. Management Discussion and Analysis

3.a Mission and Organization

3.b Management Challenges

3.c e-Government – Technology Advancing Technology

3.d Performance Goals and Results

3.d.1 Patents

3.d.2 Trademarks

3.d.3 Evaluation of Performance Data

3.d.4 Intellectual Property Policy and Leadership

3.e Financial Discussion and Analysis

3.e.1 Supporting Business Line Activities Through Innovative Financial Management

3.e.2 Results of Operations

3.e.3 Financial Condition

3.e.4 Budgetary Resources and Requirements

3.e.5 Compliance with Legal and Regulatory Financial Requirements

3.e.6 Limitations

3.e.7 Management Responsibilities

4. Principal Financial Statements and Related Notes

4.a Consolidated Balance Sheets

4.b Consolidating Statements of Net Cost

4.c Consolidating Statements of Changes in Net Position

4.d Consolidated Statements of Budgetary Resources

4.e Consolidated Statements of Financing

4.f Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows (Indirect)

4.g Note 1. Summary of Significant Accounting Policies

4.h Note 2. Fund Balance with Treasury

4.i Note 3. Property and Equipment

4.j Note 4. Liabilities

4.k Note 5. Deferred Revenue

4.l Note 6. Actuarial Liability 

4.m Note 7. Leases

4.n Note 8. Imputed Financing

4.o Note 9. Program Costs

4.p Note 10. Program Costs by Category and Responsibility Segment

4.q Note 11. Adjustments to Budgetary Resources

4.r Note 12. Commitments and Contingencies

5. Required Supplemental Information

6. Independent Auditor’s Reports

6.a Report of Independent Auditors

6.b Report of Independent Auditors on Internal Control

6.c Report of Independent Auditors on Compliance with Laws and Regulations

7.Other Accompanying Information

7.a The Nature of the Training Provided to USPTO Examiners

7.b Patent Examiner Training

7.c Trademark Examining Attorney Training

7.d Fiscal Year 2000 USPTO Workload Tables

7.e Acronym and Abbreviation List


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