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Acronyms and Abbreviations


ABC - Activity Based Cost Accounting

AIPA - American Inventors Protection Act of 1999

AIPLA - American Intellectual Property Law Association

CFO/CAO - Chief Financial Officer / Chief Administrative Officer

CIO - Chief Information Officer

CSRS - Civil Service Retirement System

DOC - U.S. Department of Commerce

DOL - U.S. Department of Labor

EAST - Examiners Automated Search System

EBC - Electronic Business Center

EFS - Electronic Filing System

EFT - Electronic Funds Transfer

EPO - European Patent Office

EU - European Union

FASAB - Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board

FASB - Federal Accounting Standards Board

FECA - Federal Employees Compensation Act

FEGLI - Federal Employees Group Life Insurance

FEHB - Federal Employees Health Benefit

FERS - Federal Employees Retirement System

FICA - Federal Insurance Contributions Act

FMFIA - Federal Managers’ Financial Integrity Act of 1982

FMS - Financial Management Service

FTAA - Free Trade Agreement of the Americas

FY - Fiscal Year

GAAP - General Accepted Accounting Principles

GI - Geographical Indications

GSA - General Services Administration

H.R. - House Resolution

IDO - Information Dissemination Function

IG - Inspector General

INTA - International Trademark Association

IP - Intellectual Property

IPO - Intellectual Property Owners Association

IT - Information Technology

JPO - Japan Patent Office

KSA - Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

MPEP - Manual of Patent Examining Procedure

NIPLECC - National Intellectual Property Law Enforcement Coordination Council

OACS - Office Action Correspondence Subsystem

OBRA - Omnibus Budget and Reconciliation Act

OHIM - Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market

OIG - Office of the Inspector General

OMB - Office of Management and Budget

PAIR - Patent Application Information Retrieval system

PALM - Patent Application Location and Monitoring system

PBO - Performance Based Organization

PCT - Patent Cooperation Treaty

PDF - Portable Document Format

PICS - Patent Image Capture System

PKI - Public Key Infrastructure

PLT - Patent Law Treaty

POPA - Patent Office Professional Association

POWER - PCT Operations Workflow Electronics Review

PPAC - Patent Public Advisory Committee

PTOnet - USPTO Local Area Network

Pub. L . - Public Law

PWAH - Patent Work-At-Home

RAM - Revenue Accounting and Management system

SFFAS - Statements of Federal Financial Accounting Standards

TARR - Trademark Application Registration Retrieval system

TC - Technology Center

TEAM - Tools for Electronic Application Management

TEAS - Trademark Electronic Application System

TESS - Trademark Electronic Search System

TMOG - On-Line Trademark Official Gazette

TRAM - Trademark Reporting and Monitoring system

TRIP - Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property

TWAH - Trademark Work-at-Home

UPR - Utility, Plant and Reissue applications

U.S. - United States

USA - United States of America

USPTO - The United States Patent and Trademark Office

WEST - Web-based Examiner Search System

WCT - WIPO Copyright Treaty

WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization

WPPT - WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty

WTO - World Trade Organization


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