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Section 508 Reference Guide - 1194.26 Desktop and Portable Computer Standards, In Other Words

1194.26(a) Accessibility of controls: All controls and keys for the normal operation of a desktop or portable computer must be accessible. This includes the keyboard, keypad, power switch, reset button, unlocking controls for docking stations, and release buttons for expansion cards and drives.

1194.26(b) Redundancy for touch controls: An input method other than touch-responsive controls is required for devices using touchscreens or touch-operated (i.e., non-mechanic) controls. This provision does not prohibit the use of touchscreens and contact-sensitive controls, but requires a redundant set of controls that can be used by persons who have access problems with touch controls.

1194.26(c) Redundancy for biometric controls: If a system uses biometrics for identification (e.g., retinal scanning or fingerprint identification) or for system operation, the system must also provide a means of equivalent, alternative access independent of any particular biological feature (e.g., entering a password).

1194.26(d) Providing hardware interfaces: One or more of each kind of expansion slot, port, or connector on a computer must be designed according to an industry standard.

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