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Section 508 Reference Guide - Example of a Server-Side Image Map

You activated an image link that represents a server-side image map. If this had been an actual server-side image map:

  • The ISMAP attribute on the IMG element would have caused your browser to append pixel coordinates to the link "ex04.htm".
  • Rather than linking to a static webpage, the image map would link to a script or other program that would interpret the coordinates and respond accordingly.
  • If you clicked on an hour on the clock face, the image map would link to the page for that hour. (These pages correspond with the text links in Example 4.)
  • If you clicked the top-left corner of the image, i.e., pixel coordinates (0,0), or if you activated the map with the keyboard, the image map would link to a page of redundant text links. (This page corresponds with the text link in Example 5.)
  • If you clicked anywhere else on the image outside the clock face, the image map would do nothing.


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