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Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

The Office of the Chief Administrative Officer (OCAO) is responsible for the overall administrative activities and functions of the USPTO.  The OCAO consists of the Office of Administrative Services, the Office of Human Resources, and Telework Coordination.

Office of Administrative Services

The Office of Administrative Services plans and administers a variety of administrative support programs, including real property matters (e.g., space management, lease management, and facilities engineering); mail service; voice communications; occupational health and safety; security; forms and supply management; photocopy management; messenger services; vehicle management; energy management; personal property management; and repository management of all patented and abandoned files and registered and abandoned trademark files. 

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Office of Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources (OHR) provides the leadership, policies, programs, services and systems necessary to meet the human resources requirements of the United States Patent and Trademark Office workforce.  This includes designing innovative strategies for and implementing a broad range of initiatives relating to human capital planning; recruitment and employment; administration of pay, bonuses and incentives; administration of leave and hours of work; administration of payroll support and time-and-attendance controls; employee recognition and performance management; employee relations, benefits and work life issues; labor management relations; workers' compensation; and other programs that promote effective Human Resources management.

Prospective USPTO employees, please see our Careers page for additional information.

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Telework Program Office

The Telework Program Office liaisons with all USPTO business units to gather and report eligibility, environmental, and cost benefit data on existing telework programs; frames, guides, supports and evaluates Agency telework pilot initiatives for new programs; develops and updates guiding telework policy for the Agency, advises and reports on technology and legislation impacting telework, models and provides best practices in telework to other government entities. 

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