Amanda F. Myers

Deputy Chief Economist

Amanda F. Myers is the Deputy Chief Economist with the Office of the Chief Economist at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Her current projects focus on the empirical study of the U.S. trademark system, gender and diversity in patenting and data-driven intellectual property policy and program administration. She has published journal articles and working papers on patent and trademark data and trademark use by firms and contributed to 2013 World Intellectual Property Report Brands – Reputation and Image in the Global Marketplace. Before joining USPTO, Amanda worked as an Economist in the United States Treasury Department, holding positions at the United States Mint and the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. She holds a M.A. in International Economic Relations from American University and a B.S in International Economics from Texas Christian University.


Selected publications

Graham, S. J.H., Hancock, G., Marco, A., and Myers, A. F. (2013). “The USPTO Trademark Case Files Dataset: Descriptions, Lessons, and Insights.” Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, 22(4), 669–705.

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Marco, A., Carley, C., Jackson, S., and Myers, A. F. (June 2015). “The USPTO Historical Patent Data Files: Two Centuries of Innovation.” Working Paper No. 2015-1. Available at SSRN: or

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