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For information about disciplined practitioners, search OED Final Decisions in the FOIA Reading Room

Filing a Grievance

You may submit a grievance about an attorney or agent practicing before the USPTO by contacting OED in writing. Please note that OED only investigates violations of USPTO's disciplinary rules.

Once a grievance is received, it will be screened and referred to a staff attorney for consideration and appropriate action. If an investigation is warranted, the practitioner will usually be asked to respond in writing to your grievance. The practitioner has about 30 days to respond. OED's investigators may talk to witnesses and gather evidence. A member of OED may also contact you should we need any additional information or documentation regarding your grievance.

The investigation is limited to whether there are possible grounds for discipline for any violation by the practitioner of the USPTO's disciplinary rules. 37 CFR 11.22(a). To the extent you have other issues at stake you may want to consider contacting an attorney of your own choice for advice about your legal rights.

Please note that, as a grievant, you are not a party to any investigation that may occur. Since all grievances, investigations of grievances, and private discipline are confidential, OED will not be able to confirm or deny that a grievance has been filed against a practitioner, that a practitioner is being investigated for an alleged violation of the USPTO Rules of Professional Conduct, or that a practitioner has received private discipline.
It is only with such cooperation from members of the public that OED is able to monitor the conduct of practitioners and, when necessary, seek disciplinary sanctions.

Mailing Address:
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Law School Clinic Certification Program

The Law School Clinic Certification program allows law students enrolled in a participating law school's clinic program to practice Intellectual Property Law before the USPTO under the strict guidance of a Law School Faculty Clinic Supervisor. The program currently consists of students practicing in both patent and trademark law before the USPTO. The program is administered by the Office of Enrollment and Discipline. The Director of the Office of Enrollment and Discipline grants the law students limited recognition to practice before the USPTO. Click here for more information.

Persons Seeking Registration to Practice before the USPTO

The following list contains the names of persons seeking registration to practice before the USPTO. Final approval for registration is subject to establishing to the satisfaction of the Director of the Office of Enrollment and Discipline that the person seeking registration is of good moral character and repute. 37 CFR § 11.7. Accordingly, any information tending to affect the eligibility of any of the following persons on moral, ethical or other grounds should be furnished to the Director of Enrollment and Discipline. Click here for more information.

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